Rodann 1000 ft. Driveway Alarm with Counter


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  • Track the number of traffic and signals from your system with this uniquely featured driveway alarm.

  • Infrared sensor ignores small animals and debris to eliminate false alarms. 50 ft sensor detection range

  • Add an unlimited number of sensors or receivers to your system.

  • 12V Relay allows a wired siren or bell to be added to the receiver.  Perfect for loud shops or warehouses

  • Manufactured by Rodann. 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Sensor Type: Passive infrared (detects heat movement.)
  • Range: Sensor 50ft, 2sq ft.
    Sensor to receiver 1000ft+.
  • Zones: Program up to 4 different channels; allows you to distinguish which sensor was triggered and prevent interference.
  • Tones: 4 tones and volume control.
  • Delay: Adjustable lengths between sensor triggers.
  • Weather: Weatherproof.
  • Mounting: Sensor can be mounted off to the side or overhead, receiver can sit on table top or be mounted to a wall.
  • Expandability: Can support multiple sensors and receivers per system.
  • Frequency: 430 MHz AM.
  • Relay: Has a powered 12 v relay to power bells, sirens, and strobes.
  • Other: Receiver has a counter, both devices have positionable antennas.
  • Warranty: 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty and tech support.
  • Power: Sensor 9 V battery.
    Receiver plugs in to wall outlet (6 ft cord.)
  • Dimensions: Sensor 4.5" x 3.5" x 3"
    Receiver 7" x 3.5" x 1.5".
  • Includes: 1 sensor, 1 receiver, 1 9v battery, 1 12V AC adapter.

On Wireless Distance:The maximum distance of this system has been tested in an open field with no obstructions. Any obstruction in direct line-of-sight range will reduce the effectiveness of the signal between the individual units and degrade the reliability and range of the wireless signal.

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