Rodann 1000 ft. Wireless Driveway Alarm Receiver | Guardline Security

Rodann 1000 ft. Wireless Driveway Alarm Receiver

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  • Add-on to the 1000 ft. Driveway Alarm

  • 12V Relay allows you to add a loud bell or siren for loud workplaces or shops.

  • Counter tracks alerts and traffic in front of your sensor.

  • 4 chime tones and volume control.  Plugs into any wall outlet.

  • Manufactured by Rodann Elextronics. 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Q: Is that everything you need or do you have to buy additional pieces to make it work?
Answers (1)
A: This is just the receiver, you will need to buy the Rodann Driveway Alarm with Counter:
Q: is there a product you can add to this device to send email or tex messages to you cell phone telling you someone has trip your alarm
Answers (1)
A: Unfortunately, this system does not support such a feature. I would recommend the Guardline Driveway Alarm, as the dry contacts on the receiver can be used in conjunction with a WiFi contact sensor to do what you are asking.


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